The Cësa di Ladins

Biblioteca Ladina
"Anda Malia da Cudan"


In the Ladin Library there are books and other media about the ladin, furlan and retoromance region.

La Usc di Ladins


The ladin newspaper connects the five ladin languages and is edited once a week.

Museum Gherdëina:
cultural & natural heritage


There are interesting exhibits of art, wood toys, geology, archeology, history, old farms, flora and fauna.

Union Generela di Ladins dla Dolomites


The UGLD is the umbrella organization of the associations of the five ladin valleys and editor of the Usc di Ladins.

Polyfunctional hall


At the moment the theatre hall is not in function. The ULG, the Parish of Ortisei, the Museum Gherdëina and the Theatre Association are elaborating a project which foresees a polifunctional hall for theatre, cinema and conferences.

Union di Ladins de Gherdëina | “Cësa di Ladins” Streda Rezia 83 | 39046 Urtijëi | Tel. 0471 796870 |

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